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Serving Elite Spirits & Liqueurs to London’s Finest Bars & Restaurants

No.1 Spirits Ltd is a new, prestige sales and marketing consultancy for premium spirits, based in London. We specialise in bringing premium spirits brands from the world to the UK. Our focus is on recognising the quality of the product as we carefully select the innovative brands we want to work with. We build trust by creating and maintaining long-lasting, meaningful relationships within the drinks industry and achieve striking results by adapting a customised and detailed marketing strategy to each of our clients. We focus on success and valuable connections within the industry.





Luxury Spirits for Luxury Establishments

Whether you need exclusive beverages for your bar/restaurant or if you have a product that needs to be in the finest establishments in the capital, we can make it happen.

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Our Values


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We don’t want our products to fit the mould. We’re out to break it, with new sensory experiences and flavours that stick in memory. we find that, in our range, regular is most irregular.

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Our range is carefully curated, with each drink selected to allow the drinker to treat themselves to something special. Mind what you drink, enjoy every moment, savour every sip and taste without compromise.

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Good things take time. That’s why every product we stock is steeped in the heritage of the producers that bring it to life. We know that there is no substitute for experience and no substitute for time.




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